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Are You Chocolate-addicted?

Are you chocolate-addicted?

Chocolate. Who loves chocolate raise your hand? I think most of us surely raise not only 1 hand but 2 hands altogether lol. Me too. Unfortunately my knowledge about chocolate is very limited. Limited to only things that I love to consume.

Okay, I tell you about my chocolate basic knowledge. I know it is from cocoa powder and cocoa powder is from cacao bean. I know it is the main ingredient for chocolate cake (else you cannot call your cake as chocolate cake lol), I know it creates a very delicious chocolate ice cream and I know (well I believe) Malaysians favourite Milo drink made with chocolate (or some cocoa powder if not all hehehe). Oh.. I also know cocoa powder is going through a fermentation process so that’s why it is acidic. I also know the reason behind why every baker calls a specific amount of baking soda for a perfect chocolate cake (please tell me you don’t know about this lol). Okay, that’s enough. Hope this can trigger you all to do some google-research on chocolate.

I want to tell you about my schoolmate friend who loves so much eating chocolate. I never know someone eating chocolate bar as she does. Perhaps my circle of friends are limited. Yes, I have being ‘locked’ in a boarding school for 5 years so you can imagine how restricted my friends are (but they all my best friends ever because I will never have this memory without them).

During my school time, Cadbury, Van Houten or any brand of chocolate bars were luxury things. Not everyone can afford to buy. Same happened to me. My pocket money was so little I have to spend wisely mainly for essential things. I only tasted chocolate once in a blue moon. I remembered the chocolate bar melted deep in my bag, no longer a bar-shape. As I cannot wait until it solidified back, I licked all from its wrapper. What a memory.

Back to my friend, I believed her chocolate bar supplies were endless. Every night before she went to sleep, on her double decker bed, she read her book while ate her big chunk of chocolate bar. I vividly remembered how she torn off the gold foil wrapper little by little, showed only moulded chocolate (Yeahh.. I was good at staring people lol). Yes, she loved reading and she loved chocolate too and she was an “anak orang kaya” too (budak loaded hehe). Her thick glasses, a book and a big chocolate bar fitted well and complimented to each other. This view locked inside my memory for more than 20 years now. I will always cherish her as my chocolate-addicted friend and I feel happy about this.

Talk about happy, do you know chocolate can give a happy feeling? Yes! Chocolate triggers feel-good chemicals in our body. So don’t feel bad if we want chocolate in times of stress, anxiety, tired and so on. It is soooo human nature. Hehe.

Okay, I am thinking about my Happy Bar now! You want some?

I am gonna get some happiness out of it!

Sincerely yours,

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