How Showering Every Single Day Changed My Life

How Showering Every Single Day Changed My Life

OKAY. I have a confession:

I had this funny moment the other day.

I realized something.

All my best ideas and life changing decisions have one thing in common: they all happened during my SHOWER.

Yup. I said it. Shower.

Guess what, there is actually a term for it.. drum roll… “SHOWER – THOUGHT” (don’t believe me? Google it)

EVEN BETTER! I wasn’t alone – thousands and millions of people around the world experience Shower Thoughts every single day!

I mean…if all our best ideas, thoughts, and inspiration comes from showering. Then, would you disagree with me that the act of showering deserves the best?

Well guess what: LAVE is all about feeling good so that you can do good.

We engineered the perfect formula at LAVE to take your showering experience to a whole new insanely thrilling heights! (note: start saving more for water bills next month)

We created what we call the SpeedLather formula.

Remember how you had to pump your shampoo bottles once or twice to get the fluffy lather you wanted? well, that’s your past. In fact, don’t even bring it up during parties.

Now, say hello to your future.

All lave bars are made with SpeedLather.

One bar, one stroke but lathers as tall as KLCC.

They called us crazy. We just call ourselves obsessed.

Okay, I will write about my secret SpeedLather next. See you soon!