Merdeka – Malaysian’s Had It Easy?

Merdeka – Malaysian’s had it easy?

There is often this idea that Malaysians had it “easy”. We didn’t fight for independence, nor did we engage in violence to free ourselves from the Brits. We at LAVE think differently. We feel Malaysia had it the hardest!


People underestimate how difficult it is to align interests. When is the last time you got into a heated argument? Were you calm? Were you able to think for the greater good? Were you able to unite tens and thousands of people to agree with you through sheer logic and persuasion? Chances are, you wouldn’t – but our founding fathers did. It’s even more impressive that they did that amid wars and colonization among our neighbors. So in some sense, our founding fathers saw things differently – just like LAVE does.


This Merdeka, we want to celebrate the courage of our founding fathers and we want to do it in a different way. 


Instead of encouraging you to buy items for yourself only, we want you to buy items for someone else too. That’s why we are introducing our #Mandi Merdeka collection on this special day. On 31st August until 2nd September, #MandiMerdeka page in LAVE website will only be for gift only – yes you heard us no self buying (we will know).

Our #MandiMerdeka is a collection of assorted Lave body scrubs in miniature size (50g) and it is only RM6.20 each. It packed in a glass bottle with cap. Click #MandiMerdeka to have one for someone around you. We believe, nothing beyond a celebration than a giving that can strengthen us Malaysians!