Good Hair Day Essentials Starter Set


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Good hair day doesn’t happen by chance. It happens by a great mind of the beholder and absolutely accompanied by good stuffs.

  • How it works?

    1. Know your hair types and scalp conditions.
    2. Pick your best hair cleanser out of 5 variants.
    3. Pick your best hair conditioner out of 5 variants.
    4. Pick your best hair helper from our best-selected wooden combs & brushes.

      *You are allowed to pick 1 product from each category to complete your GOOD HAIR DAY ESSENTIALS STARTER SET.

    *Hair Cleanser

    *Hair Conditioner

    *Hair Helper

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What a good hair day means to you?

We believe that what is inside counts the most. It is always true because our feeling normally influences how we look and so it affects our self-esteem. But we also believe that an appealing appearance of the hair, good scalp health and its hygiene, positively impact our lives.

So here is our definition of a good hair day. A complete good hair care routine for confidence and self-esteem.

Our hair care series are using blend of selected essential oils to deliver natural therapeutic goodness specifically addressing different scalp and hair conditions for each of us.

The good thing about essential oils, it is able to captivate the mood and balance up the mind and body healing as well.

Not only that, you will find fresh ingredients such herbs, fruits and grains which are easily available from the kitchen to enhance the good  hair care routine experience.

To have a complete good hair day routine, pick your best hair helper from our best-selected wooden combs & brushes.

Tell us what a good hair day means to you.

What’s inside: 1pc of Shampoo Bar, 1pc of Conditioner Bar, 1pc of hair comb or brush of your selection
Approx. weight: Shampoo Bar (65g), Conditioner Bar (50g), Comb / Brush (25 – 65g depending on variant)

A good hair day is a simple, yet essential solution to feel good at any time and age.

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