miniME Miniature Set


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People say sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in our heart and our mind too. So does our miniME.

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miniME Miniature Set

We know that anything that is small, tiny, petite or any other word to describe, no matter what it is, is always adorable as long as there exists a larger version of the same thing. Everything’s better in miniature format, so here our lovelies creation. We thoughtfully make this miniature set as delightful and cutest to everyone with some selection of miniMEs to be picked up. It is definitely not a kind of collectible item. Why not? It is because we would like you to experience and enjoy how little things can create excitement and draw a smile on you. Go use them all dear and you will know what exactly we want to convey.

All of your four selected miniMEs are lovingly packed in Kraft paper box, giving you a feeling of the Danish concept of hygge promoting simple, comforting and coziness in life’s everyday moments.

We think this miniME Miniature Set functions perfectly as gift box for any occasions. We believe the action of giving the perfect gift (like our miniME here) is one of the most beautiful ways we can honor someone’s special day.

What’s inside: 4 miniME of your selection
Approx. weight: 60g x 4 miniME
Gift box material: Kraft paper

Let’s make the big things small and draw a smile.

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Weight .060 kg
Dimensions 25 × 10 × 35 cm

1 review for miniME Miniature Set

  1. SUZEH (verified owner)

    I just love this set. All of the soap very refreshing. I love the fragrance smell

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