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What With 16 October?

What with 16 October?

I will never remember this date as I do today. It is my dearest friend birthday. She is one of LAVE Republic co-creator. So now you know, why we choose 16th Oct to open up our e-store’s door. I really want to make it a memorable event for four of us. I hope with this sweet gesture, I can remember the day she was born in this beautiful world forever and ever (I think she will cry when reading this hehehe..). Well, I know her for more than 10 years. I think I’m quite good in consistently wishing her a birthday wish (thanks to Facebook reminder lol).

However, with my self-made commitment to have our e-store go live on 16th, it really kills me. Too much workloads constantly make me like a zombie. I am too focused to meet the deadline. My mind keeps counting how many days or hours left. Unfortunately, I am not counting for her birthday, instead I am ticking the calendar for our e-store (oppsss..)

Dear Shika, Happy Birthday to you. May you being blessed with a lifetime of health and happiness.

As we are celebrating Shika’s birthday, we would like to share our happiness and gratitude with 20% discount giveaways on your first purchase! Remember to apply LAVE16OCT coupon code before checkout. October is Shika’s birthday month.. So this giveaway only lasts until 30th October 2017.

Sincerely yours,

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