Rise Up Shampoo Bar for Hair Fall Control


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Falling down in life is absolutely normal but don’t forget to rise up again.

Lather up with this Rise Up concentrated shampoo bar packed with the therapeutic goodness from Ylang Ylang, Lavender and Rosemary Essential Oils to control hair fall.

  • Helps to strengthen the hair follicles.
  • boosting blood circulation, and adding moisture to scalp.
  • calming and stress-relieving essential oils help to reverse hair loss naturally.

This solid shampoo is another alternative to your regular liquid shampoos and absolutely packaging free (read: no more hassle to squeeze your shampoo bottle and no more guilt burden every time you throw your empty bottle into the wasteland).

This 65g petite bar is freshly-pressed and nicely fit in the palm of your hand, very practical to use and giving you an approximately lasting usage similar to 400ml of liquid shampoo.


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What is the cause of hair fall?

Hair fall is a condition when hair follicles become weak which caused by a variety of factors including dehydration, poor nourishment, hormonal changes. heat damage, stress and perhaps lifestyle changes. It shows sign of thin and lack-luster hair that eventually falls off as the follicles go into a dormant phase or telogen hair cycle.

How much hair loss is normal?

It is absolutely normal if you’re finding clumps of hair clogging up the drain at the end of your showers. This is probably have no need to worry. As hair cycles between phases of growth and rest, everyone naturally loses between 50 and 100 hairs a day or up to 150 hairs for some cases.

For most people, 90 percent of the hair on your head is in the growing phase, while about 10 percent of your hair is in the ‘resting’ phase, meaning that 10 percent will fall out and leave room for new hair growth within a certain period of time.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Behenamidopropyl Dimethylamine (and) Dipalmitoylethyl Hydroxyethylmonium Methosulfate (and) Cetyl Alcohol (and) Stearyl Alcohol (and) Lactic Acid, Glycerin, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Seed Butter, Ylang, Lavender and Rosemary Essential Oils, Chrysanthemum Parthenium (Feverfew) Flower, CI 19140
Made with 93% ingredients of natural origin.
Use: Rub between hands to create a lather, or directly onto hair. Massage into the hair and scalp then rinse clean. For best hair washing experience, it is recommended to be used with Please Don’t Fall Conditioner Bar. For hair fall control.
Caution: In case of contact with eyes, rinse with water immediately. In the unlikely case of any irritation, discontinue use and consult a doctor. For external use only. Keep out of reach of children.
Caring for your shampoo bar: Do not leave your shampoo bar sitting in water in a soap dish or under a dripping shower head. Keep it on a well drained soap dish. Store in cool dry place and in its original packaging if not in use.
  • Best use within 6 months of purchase to get the best scent quality. Due to the content of natural ingredients used during the creation of this soap, the color of the product will change gradually and may be slightly vary.
  • Each of our shampoo bar is uniquely handcrafted.
Ingredient Spotlight:
Ylang Ylang, Lavender & Rosemary Essential Oils

Benefits: Blend of Ylang Ylang, Lavender & Rosemary help to enhance hair longetivity. It helps in strengthen the hair follicles by boosting blood circulation, fighting inflammation and adding moisture to scalp. Hence it helps the hair has better growth ground.

Lavender Essential Oil always well known for it’s aromatherapy character that calms and stress-relieving boost up in reversing hair loss naturally.

Enriched with Sunflower oil which has been selected for it richness in vitamins and minerals, moisturises and acts as a good nutrient to hair yet never too heavy to burden our hair shaft.

Chrysanthemum is popular for its natural coolant to body and also as detoxifying agent. We present you the chrysanthemum flower in our Rise Up Shampoo Bar, hope it can rise up your mode and positive energy.

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31 reviews for Rise Up Shampoo Bar for Hair Fall Control

  1. Nur Hafizah

    After use this for few week,I can say it really good as my hair fall feel lesser and a lot of new baby hair. My hair not like previous flat anymore. 😁 smell nice too~ u all should try this. Won’t regret.

  2. Avelyn

    I lost A LOT of hair since last year due to over stress, until my friend suggested me to try this shampoo bar. Been using this shampoo bar for 3 weeks now. I love how my hair is growing strong and feels puffy too 🙂 Hair still falls when I wash it and I think it’s a normal thing as long as my hair doesn’t fall when it is dry.

  3. Rafizatusshima (verified owner)

    Less hair fall compare to before using this shampoo bar. Great for my travelling as backpacking. No more worries about carrying liquid on flight.

  4. Eilvane

    haven’t used this for long enough yet, but so far i’m enjoying how easy it is to use and how nice it smells. only drawback is that it can get a bit mushy after use, especially if your bathroom air is generally humid like mine.

  5. wenlian.wlt (verified owner)

    Lovely ..even before the packaging box was opened I could already smell it ! ..it foams up very well ..definitely a must have ! Works very well with the conditioner too ..and so affordable ..thank you guys at lave republic ..keep it up ! 💕

  6. surayahazim

    I love this shampoo bar! I love how nice it smells and how much lather you get out of it. Nice squeaky clean feel after rinsing. Like a previous reviewer has pointed out, it can get a little mushy after use, so try your best to keep it as dry as possible. Don’t worry about the mush though, it will still work perfectly fine (:

  7. Eilvane (verified owner)

    Follow-up review: one bar lasted me almost 3 months; I wash my hair once every 2 days. I think I’m not going to switch to other brands for awhile! Love the natural smell of essential oils, and the ease of use. Based on observation it also seems that I am shedding less hair in the bathroom! Would totally recommend!

  8. sandy10592 (verified owner)

    I can feel that my hair loss is lesser than before and it gave me great hair day even without using conditioner! I’ve been switching between commercial shampoo and Lave shampoo bar, honestly I can feel the difference of my hair quality! Lovin it so much and will never go back to commercial shampoo 🙂

  9. Kershia Louanne (verified owner)

    The best in town!!! My hair loss improved way too much & looks healthier. Me of wanting to finish up the commercial shampoo leftovers, honestly I can feel the differences A LOT! Just never going back to commercial shampoo. Loving Lave Shampoo Bar.

  10. Akmal Syahirah (verified owner)

    I’ve been using this shampoo bar and the conditioner for a month now. First buy,first getting used to bar soaps,first move in reducing waste. And I am proudly say, Lave Republic really makes my life completes. Reducing my hairfalls and the smell is fantastic! Super duper love it! Thank you Lave Republic!

  11. Kahyan94 (verified owner)

    Now my bed have so less hairfall compared to last time, myself feel so terrible at then. this rise up bar works better for me compared to first try on 4ever healthy bar. 3rd shampoo bar on the way yays, i really love love love lave republic alot , it lathers up very well with just a small amount,compared to commercial shampoo. And yet its ingredients in use always attracts me alot no matter shampoo bar or body soap, scrubs too omg 🤗with alot flowers,fruits or healthy ingredients yet visible in the bar. Scents all pretty nice and refreshes.

  12. vakalulu (verified owner)

    Amazing product.
    Pros: Lathers very nicely; a little goes a long way. Smells amazing and strong. The scent stays as long as commercial shampoos usually do, feel good product. Significantly less hairfall, very noticeable difference. The soap bar itself looks cute with the speckled look and flowers here and there. LOVE IT.
    Cons: Generally none. Melts quite quickly, store accordingly.

  13. sycarol

    My hair feels less oily and healthier! The lather produce whole lots of bubble! Love using shampoo bar now! Only let down is shampoo bar turns mushy when in contact with water for too long.

  14. tishnazri (verified owner)

    I am so surprised by this shampoo. It lathers up so easily and smells so nice. I also realize that I experience less hair fall.

  15. Karenlui (verified owner)

    This shampoo bar is amazing! My hair feels so soft and voluminous, im so surprised at how well it worked. Will definitely be repurchasing, thanks lave republic!

  16. Viwern (verified owner)

    Used this shampoo bar for the first time just now. I thought it wouldn’t lather you easily since it was solid and I rubbed a little too much on my hair and a heck ton of lather came out 😅 like what another reviewer said, a little really does go a long way. Scent is amazing. I’m not too keen on that squeaky feeling after rinsing, but my hair feels fine after using the Please Don’t Fall conditioner bar. Since it’s just my first time using, I don’t see any immediate effects on hair growth and don’t expect it to either. I sincerely hope it reduces my hair fall though!!!! Also the price is super worth it for a product that is eco friendly and all natural. Wayyyy cheaper than buying Lush

  17. vakalulu (verified owner)

    After 2 months of continuous usage, I’m afraid the product does not work for me 🙁 So unfortunate because I really liked the concept. Reverted to my usual drugstore brand and hairfall is in check.

  18. izzhzhrh (verified owner)

    Gave it to a friend for her to try. She has oily scalp and suffers with hair fall. It wasn’t suitable for her perhaps due to oily scalp and the need to shampoo everyday when using this shampoo bar.

  19. weecious (verified owner)

    Hair fall has reduced significantly ever since I used this shampoo bar. It lathers up really well and my scalp feels so much cleaner too. Downside? It’ll turn to mush pretty quickly in a bathroom that has high humidity, but doesn’t affect its effectiveness.

  20. dowlesheila (verified owner)

    I’ve been using this for two months now and I think it will last me another month or more even though I wash my hair everyday. By massaging it into the scalp, it washes my long hair when it lathers so no waste there. A lot has been said about hair fall and that’s true, but with older women, there’s also hair colour factor to cover the gray – glad to say the shampoo does not strip away hair dye even with daily washing. Will be back again for more.

  21. Shamien Basit (verified owner)

    I’ve been using this with it’s conditioner and alternating it with the Sulphate free shampoo bar (also from Lave) for nearly 2 weeks. All I can say is, this works wonders. My hair feels so alive and healthy, my scalp feels clean, and ofc the hairfall definitely lessen compared to before. The mild smell isn’t so overpowering and I just love how my hair glows after every wash and conditioning.

  22. xinsyxfinx (verified owner)

    I bought this and its conditioner bar last year. I noticed how my hair falls less after using this. It kinda dried up my hair after use but it’s not a problem since I pair it together with conditioner bar later on. I left both of the bars at college (this whole MCO is not helping either) and now my hair’s starting to fall even when it’s dry :(( currently browsing to fill up my cart, haha. this product is definitely worth trying!

  23. Celeste (verified owner)

    what can I say? I loveeeee this shampoo bar .. been only using it for a week but my hair feels great, a lot of puff power there .. noticeably less hair fall during and after wash, no tangles, doesnt feel dry and no more oily scalp. Smells great too! No more commercial shampoos for me..

  24. shini92

    This shampoo deserves a review. I have curly hair, dry scalp and I had very bad hair fall. I’ve tried various shampoos to tackle all these problems but this is the best so far. The hair fall has noticeably reduced, the curls look much better and there is no dry scalp problem! If you’re thinking twice, take the leap of faith and just get it.

  25. Kavitha338 (verified owner)

    How long are we to wait till you guys re-stock? Badly want to purchase the shampoo bar and conditioner bar. My friend has been raving about it and I want to get myself one so very badly!

  26. aqilanormal (verified owner)

    Not suitable for very damaged hair as it makes my hair so dry. Smells amazing though – like lemongrass Spa scent. Still got hairfall. Not sure what the rave is all about. Still prefer the Luxuriant (pink) one. That one makes my hair softer and less hairfall

  27. Revathi2490

    It increases hair fall and made my hair dry.

  28. alyamunira96 (verified owner)

    One of my favorite shampoo bar!! What I love most about this shampoo bar is that they have a very good scent, making my hair so much smoother and softer without using the conditional soap. And my hair feels so much healthier. But i notice something different which is i think this one is slightly smaller than luxuriant shampoo bar because last time i have to cut my shampoo bar to fit in my lush container . But this time i dont need to cut, its already fit in to my lush container .

  29. zeeali (verified owner)

    Can’t really say it makes my hair fall less, but it makes my hair really soft! And the bright yellow colour and the flowers in it makes me feel happy! I’d recommend this just for the smell, haha

  30. nasutionaiko@gmail.com (verified owner)

    The shampoo made my hair felt rough in the shower but as soon and i comb and pat it dry, my hair feels good and bouncy.

  31. nman0007 (verified owner)

    It seems to have increased my hair fall but it doesnt make it greasy but my hair fall increased for some reason

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