Good Hair Day Essentials Starter Set


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What’s inside this Good Hair Day Essentials Starter Set?

  • Your selected shampoo bar 65g x 1
  • Your selected conditioner bar 50g x 1
  • Your selected wooden comb/brush x 1

Yay, you saved RM3.50 – RM5.00!

  • *Pick your shampoo bar

    *Pick your conditioner bar

    *Pick your hair comb/brush

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Our haircare series is using a blend of selected essential oils to deliver natural therapeutic goodness specifically addressing different scalp and hair conditions for each of us.

The good thing about essential oils, it is able to captivate the mood and balance up the mind and body healing as well.

Not only that, you will find fresh ingredients such as herbs, fruits and grains to enhance the good hair care routine experience.

A good hair day is a simple, yet essential solution to feeling good at any time and age.

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Weight .165 kg

5 reviews for Good Hair Day Essentials Starter Set

  1. swathynyg (verified owner)

    Super speedy delivery. I ordered yesterday at 11am and I received it at 11.30 today.
    Loving the scent. Can’t wait to try it out later!

  2. Bellataec (verified owner)

    Ordered Rise Up Shampoo Bar and Please Dont Fall Hair Conditioner set. After a month use i did see less hair fall. I use to hate using conditioner but with this Conditioner Bar i never skip to condition my hair anymore! It doesnt have that sticky and thinning feeling to my hair after every use. Keep up the good work LAVE team! Definitely will repeat my order again.

  3. EllyElisa (verified owner)

    Ordered the Luxuriant shampoo bar with the splendour smooth conditioner and the sandalwood comb. All of it is so amazing. The shampoo and conditioner really helped with my dry scalp and bleached hair. I love how my hair looks after I comb it with the sandalwood comb; gets rid of the knots easily without tugging on the hair and leaves my hair super bouncy! The shampoo and conditioner lasts super long! My hubby and I both use it and we wash our hair every alternate days. Made my first order on the 15th of Dec, only now making my second purchase; it’s the 25th of Feb now btw 😛 so worth it !

  4. bellemnd (verified owner)

    I am very happy with the products. I ordered the Please Don’t Fall Shampoo Bar and Conditioner Bar and I did notice less hair falling after 3 weeks of usage. I am expecting the shampoo bar to finish in two months cause it seems like the size has only reduce a bit compared to when I first started using it a month ago. The wooden comb looks aesthetic too! I am residing in the East Malaysia and the delivery did not took long. The packaging was great & products were not damaged 🙂 Thank you for making my zero waste journey a great one, Lave Republic! so affordable, my hair and purse love it!<3

  5. Sherine Teoh (verified owner)

    I bought Rise Up shampoo bar and Please don’t fall conditioner bar. I definitely love their scents! The shampoo bar lather up very easily and can last very long! Somehow, the conditioner bat I not really use to it, as the conventional conditioner uses silicons to provide you the smoothness, while Lave’s conditioner using more healthy ingredients shea butter and olive oil. I still trying to work with the conditioner bar. However I am still satisfied with both products!

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