The [Brutal] Truth About Dandruff That Big Companies Will Never In A Million Years Tell You

The [Brutal] Truth About Dandruff That Big Companies Will Never in a Million Years Tell You

Why we take this post personally

Over the years, Lave has sold thousands of shampoo bars to thousands of customers – many of them returning and sharing their experiences. Most of them come to Lave with the goals of getting rid of dandruff and hair falls once and for all.

Even more than that, many of them are just plain sick and tired of trying the “big brand anti-dandruff shampoos” sold by big companies that have billion-dollar digital strategies that promise you better hair only to find out later that isn’t normally the case.

Why we are the right person to tell this story

I built my entire business around my passion for creating healthy, safe, and products I wish I had growing up. That’s partly why I’m a trained chemist to understand the delicate nature of chemistry and how to apply it for good. What that means is also I look at ingredients labeled on bottles “differently” than many of us.

I see what things are for what they are and also what they could do to us. In other words, I see things for what they are – unfiltered without the mystery of scientific-sounding words.

What you’ll learn

  • What dandruff actually is
  • Can it be cured?
  • Can shampoo really help?
  • Why “big brand shampoos” are not what they seem?
  • Why lave is better – obviously I’m biased (but that doesn’t mean I’m wrong)
  • Some key wisdom


What we were told dandruff actually is?

Meet Malassezia furfur (MF) the tiny microscopic fungus that resides in the scalps of dandruff prone people. When you produce oil known as sebum, these MF feed on the oil and release something called oleic acid. Which in turn your body detects, and sheds the cells on your scalp faster causing “flakes” that you see as “dandruff”.

Well that’s one reason why it happens, but here is another reason WHY it happens that [no one] tells us

The cycle of doom that comes from using commercial shampoos that are full of silicones and every other possible gunk that stick to your hair even after washing, slowly trapping more grease, which in turn lets the MF have a buffet of food and multiple, which releases more oleic acid, and shed more flakes, of which you USE MORE commercial shampoo. The cycle repeats.


Yes, the very thing that you think helps you is actually fueling this cycle of doom. It doesn’t stop there – when your hair is beyond repair there is always “hair damage control” shampoos right?

Can dandruff be cured?

There are tons of debate on this but the general idea is you can’t really make it go away but it can be kept under control to the point that you no longer feel it’s taking control of your life or destroying your self esteem.

Can shampoos really help?

Yes. A good shampoo without all those nasty gunk will help strip away the excess sebum that comes from the active lifestyle some of you lead. Guess what, less sebum, less MF reproducing, and less oleic acid, and fewer flakes – see how it works?

On the flip side, bad shampoo traps more grease, more MF reproducing, more oleic acid, and flakes beyond imagination and long term hair damage – do you really understand what’s going on now?

Why lave is better [ no for real]

We skip the gunk of silicones and toxic ingredients that will clog and trap grease, that’s why we have more than 25% of customers who buy from lave returning over and over again to our shampoo bars.

Our dandruff shampoo bar made from peppermint, lavender, and rosemary is something you can trust and we have another sulfate-free version that thoughtfully created to fulfil the needs of people who having sensitive scalp and hair condition that sensitive to sulfate.


Now you can stop second-guessing your decisions because whoever you are, we’ve got you covered. That’s why we’ve been featured on multiple articles online.

Some key wisdom before you leave

  • Shampoo matters
  • Ingredients matter
  • Small things have a huge impact
  • Just because you don’t see the damage now doesn’t mean you won’t see it down the road
  • Don’t blindly trust those Facebook Ads